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Among our friends are people who, while making their dreams come true, want to fulfill the dreams of others. And this is how actions are born, the aim of which is to help people with disabilities.

Find your Nordkapp is a collection campaign that will help create the Settlement of Janaszkowo – a great dream for people who are still locked in their homes today … It will be a center for people with disabilities. Here they will gain skills that will help them manage their lives better. There will be challenges and goals, first the smaller ones like grabbing a cup into their inert hands, then bigger and bigger ones – dressing up, preparing a meal, overcoming a curb on a wheelchair … Every goal is like setting the north direction on a journey through life.

Who is behind this?

Find your Nordkapp is an idea of Marcin Supranowicz, who is going to Nordkapp (North Cape) and will combine this journey with helping. In three weeks (15.06 – 5.07.2019) he will have travelled about 8 thousand km, he will cover 9 countries. He will be travelling with 4 other travelers, all on motorcycles. As a trainer and coach, Marcin goes through life with a trainer’s mind, closely observes the world and looks for new ways of human development. He believes that disability cannot be an obstacle to the realization of dreams and he wants to help people with disabilities to find a goal – their Nordkapp – in life.

You can help people with disabilities too.

Help them find their Nordkapp and give them a chance for an independent and happy life!
Make a donation to create the Janaszkowo Settlement.

You can also make a donation directly to the account:

Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ
ul. Południowa 2A, 62-510 Konin, Poland

Payment Title:
Donatioin – Find your Nordkapp

Account number:
78 1050 1735 1000 0024 2547 0123

Foreign transfer (account in PLN):
SWIFT INGBPLPW PL78105017351000002425470123

Payment counter within the action Find your Nordkapp

So far, thanks to the help of the Donors, we have collected: 1118.06 zł z 10000 zł


List of Donors

Stefan 30,00 zł Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Agnieszka 10,00 zł Wrocław
Stefan 30,00 zł Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Agnieszka 10,00 zł Wrocław
Agnieszka 10,00 zł Wrocław
Agnieszka 10,00 zł Wrocław
Stefan 20,00 zł Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Mateusz 500,00 zł Wola Radziszowska
Konrad 100,00 zł Świdnik
Agnieszka 10,00 zł Wrocław
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Lista wspierających nordkapp

Stefan 30,00 zł
Agnieszka 10,00 zł
Stefan 30,00 zł
Agnieszka 10,00 zł
Agnieszka 10,00 zł
Agnieszka 10,00 zł
Stefan 20,00 zł
Mateusz 500,00 zł
Konrad 100,00 zł
Agnieszka 10,00 zł
Tomasz 50,00 zł
Dawid 30,00 zł
Anette 44,06 zł
Marcin 200,00 zł
Nastka 44,00 zł
Aleksandra 20,00 zł

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