Thank you for payment for Janaszkowo

Dear Donor!

Thank you very much for your donation. We are greatful for your support because thanks to people like you, change will come to the lives of the disabled.

Janaszkowo makes possible that poeple with disabilities become independent, they work, have their dreams, decide for themselves on what they want to do and have their share in the full experience of life, with its happiness and sorrows.

This world of dreams actually happens right now in Janaszkowo:
at the Academy of Life, Port , Settlement and Workshops. We invite people with disabilities to the world of possibilities and not constraints. We cannot do it any other way. We were taught this by our mentor and patron, late doctor Piotr Janaszek. Fulfilling his unwritten will is a way of keeping his legacy alive.

As a way to say special thanks to you, we have made a video:

If you want Janaszkowo to grow, to accomodate ever more people with disabilities, contact us and tell others about this great rehabilitation project. Call us, write to us, we are waiting. You can make a difference into someone’s life.

Thank you one more time for your support.

Zuzanna Janaszek – Maciaszek
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