Help create the Janaszkowo Settlement

For people whose disabilities locked them up in their homes.
So they would learn to live with them!

Janaszkowo Settlement

In the heart of Poland, in Wąsosze near Konin, there is a two-level, unused building. This building – nearly 2000 sq m together with 2.5 hectares of a beautiful park by the lake we, Doctor Piotr Janaszek PAY IT FORWARD Foundation, got from the Ślesin commune as a place where people with disabilities will start living again. Here, the Janaszkowo settlement will be created, but for this to happen, we need to renovate and furnish empty rooms, eliminate the thresholds and steep stairs, dry the foundations, eliminate dry-root in the basements, build an elevator, two additional staircases and add a floor, adapt the bathrooms and rehabilitation rooms. Just make this place a safe and cozy home.

We have been supporting people with disabilities for over 14 years. Our regular help is used by over 200 people and our Center in Południowa street in Konin is no longer big enough for us. Often we see lines of people in wheelchairs waiting to enter the room for activities. Nearly 20 assistants and specialists commute to the charges and work with them at home.

The number of requests for support and help is increasing. Some even want to move to Konin to be closer to our help. There is also a growing number of people who get in a wheelchair as a result of an accident, and the experience of our wheelchair users shows that the sooner a person starts exercising after an accident, the sooner they will return to functioning.

Our tragedy is that we cannot help everyone because we do not have a place for it! That is why we made a little crazy decision to find a larger building. We accepted the challenge and found Janaszkowo!

This is not a random place. Wąsosze is history, because here Dr. Piotr Janaszek organized one of the first camps for disabled children.

The Janaszkowo settlement will be built so that other disabled people have a place where they can learn to live with disabilities. We divided Janaszkowo into several parts. Each has its own specific purpose:

The Academy

The ACADEMY will be inhabited by people who have been imprisoned at home by their disabilities. Sorrow, loneliness and helplessness have ruined them over the years. They do not work. They live on the allowance without hope that it can be better. Their closest relatives no longer have the strength to carry and place them in wheelchairs. They cannot leave the apartment because there is no elevator in the block … It is the worst for those who live in the countryside. They will not even go outside the house because „disability is a great shame”. At the Academy, we will be supporting them every day. Here they will learn to live again! After a few months of intensive work, many of them will be ready for independent living! Their future also depends on you.

The Settlement

The SETTLEMENT is a place where people who have already travelled some of the way will live. These are people who are ready and want to decide for themselves. They are not afraid to leave the house, they meet with friends, have their hobbies, work. They can do a lot of things themselves, but they need help to change from the bed to the wheelchair in the morning or to prepare breakfast. They want to live in a place where they will have support in the activities they cannot do themselves.

The Port

In the PORT, tired parents will catch their breath. They have no one to ask for the care of a disabled adult offspring, when they have to go to surgery, renovate the apartment or just relax. For a few days or weeks, they will be able to leave their child under compassionate care and not to worry that their children are missing something. In summer, disabled children from all over Poland will come to THE PORT. Thanks to you, they will spend a wonderful holiday here. There will be joy and a lot of laughter. And inevitably they will learn independence so that they can grow up to be young, independent people for whom disability will not be a hindrance to the realization of dreams!

The Workshop

In the workshop, able-bodied and disabled children will work hand in hand. It will be a place for meetings and shared games. Creation and cooperation. Understanding and a large dose of joy! Simply with the use of therapy through art and fun.

Help us create Janaszkowo Settlement

With all our hearts we give thanks to all donors who have already supported Janaszkowo Settlement. We are very greatful for your understanding of the needs of the disabled. In the middle of this year we will start the first stage of the renovation project – installation of an elevator.

The building which we are renovating requires a major construction work. We must eliminate the thresholds and steep stairs, dry the foundations, mould the basements, install an elevator, two additional staircases and add a floor. Other major jobs include: adaptation of the bathrooms and rehabilitation rooms for special needs of people with disabilities.

There is pleanty of work to get the project fully operational. In order to complete the necessary renovation work more than 4 million PLN is required. The need is the great, the time to act is now.

We have divided the project into stages.


What are we collecting in the first stage for?

The elevator for the disabled is PLN 160,000
Assembly of the elevator for the disabled – nearly PLN 40,000
Construction of the shaft, installation, construction of four landings (ground level – basement, landing, ground floor and the first floor), vestibule and engine room is nearly PLN 100,000


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Why the Janaszkowo Settlement?

It will be a special place, built on the basis of the values ​​and ideas, according to which Dr. Piotr Janaszek lived and worked. A socialist and a doctor who changed the lives of people with disabilities since the 70s. He helped dozens of people believe that disability cannot be a hindrance to dreams. He had time and attention for everyone. He was a visionary. He created Mielnica, which from a small Greater Poland village became a place where many disabled people began to live again. Disabled children, adolescents and adults on vacation under tents learned independence. Many of them for the first time in their lives were swimming in the lake and singing scout songs around a campfire. The doctor created one of the first occupational therapy workshops in Poland, where people with disabilities were learning professions and preparing for an independent living. He received many decorations for his activity, but the most important for him was the Order of Smile granted by children.
The doctor died tragically in 1998, leaving many unfulfilled plans. Today, his patients, friends and daughters are among the people who will create Janaszkowo. Together, we fulfill in the unwritten last will of Doctor Piotr Janaszek.

The PAY IT FORWARD Foundation

At Doctor Piotr Janaszek PAY IT FORWARD Foundation, since 2004, we have supported people whose disability hinders or prevents independent life. Every year, we take care of over 200 people who want to live normally, make their dreams come true and be happy. We create a better world for them.
In special training apartments people after accidents learn how to live in a wheelchair. During sports activities, they improve fitness and motivation. They prepare for work at trainings because they do not want to live on benefits. They develop artistic talents and create their own theater. Assistants help children do homework, and with adults they do the shopping, cook together, learn to move around the city. Disabled children from all over Poland come to our Little Explorers camp to learn independence.
We are happy to share our knowledge. Specialists from all over Poland come to the Foundation to learn modern methods of therapy through art. We give parents of disabled children support in coping with the hardships of everyday life and help to find time for themselves. We meet with children and young people in schools to disenchant disability and teach them how to avoid accidents. Teachers from all over Poland use our lesson plans. We prepare volunteers to work with people with disabilities. We train officials and professional drivers, including those in public transport in Konin.

Thanks to our audits more and more buildings are accessible for everyone.



Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ
ul. Południowa 2A
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